Relativitätstheorie und Kosmologie II

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The course follows the  lecture notes by P.T. Chruściel for Relativitätstheorie und Kosmologie II.

A nice introduction to the relevant mathematics can be found in Harvey Reall's Cambridge lecture notes. Further useful literature includes the textbooks by Nicholas Woodhouse: General Relativity, and James Hartle: Gravity: an introduction to Einstein's general relativity.

Students are assumed to be familiar with the contents of the course Relativitätstheorie und Kosmologie I. See here for more information.


The exam will be oral, by personal appointment. Students will be asked to exhaustively discuss three randomly designated topics out of the list of Exam Questions; the exams take place in P. Chrusciel's office, Währingerstrasse 17, 1st floor. Previous list of questions: for the exams in July 2011, in July 2012, and in July 2013.

The lecturer does not read emails concerning the lectures or the tutorials, all enquiries should be done in person or by phone.

The problem sheets will be posted on the moodle page of the course about a week before the relevant class. They will largely follow those of Sommersester 2013, to be found here: Problem Sheet 0 (Revision Problem Sheet) ; Problem Sheet 1 ; Problem Sheet 2 ; Problem Sheet 3 ; Problem Sheet 4 ; Problem Sheet 5Problem Sheet 6Problem Sheet 7Problem Sheet 8Problem Sheet 9Problem Sheet 10Problem Sheet 11;

For notes on gravitational waves see "Gravitational waves: an introduction" by Indrajit Chakrabarty, and Alessandra Buonanno's Gravitational waves.


Skriptum by Prof. Rumpf

Problem sheets, Sommersester 2016: Sheet 1 (1-14); Sheet 2 (15-25); Sheet 3 (26-34)Sheet 4 (35-49); Sheet 5 (50-59) ; Sheet 6 (60-67)