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Research Program: Geometry and Relativity

Vienna, July 17 - September 8, 2017

Preis für gute Lehre 2017 für Jérémie Joudioux

We are very proud that students of the Faculty of Physics have chosen Jérémie Joudioux as best teacher in the academic year 2016/17

Third direct detection of a black hole merger using gravitational waves

The LIGO collaboration reports its third detection of gravitational waves coming from the merger of two black holes

General Relativity: Physics and Mathematics

A contribution by Peter C. Aichelburg and Piotr T. Chrusciel


Gravitational Physics
Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

Speaker: Piotr T. Chruściel
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Key Research Area Particle Physics, Gravitational Physics and Mathematical Physics

Gravitational Physics
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