Current seminars

In addition to the Vienna relativity seminars, the calendars above sometimes contain other events of interest to members of the relativity group. The seminars of the Vienna relativity group are listed below.

Currently (unless indicated otherwise) all seminars take place on Wednesday at 14:15 in Seminarraum A, Währinger Strasse 17, 2nd Floor.

The Mathematical Physics Seminars take place on Tuesdays at 13.45.

The Particle Physics Seminars take place on Tuesdays at 16.15.

  • Wednesday, March 13th, 14:15, Seminarraum A
    Marc Mars (U of Salamanca): On staticity of bifurcate Killing horizons

Abstract: In this talk I will study the necessary and sufficient conditions that a spacetime admitting a bifurcate Killing horizon must satisfy to be static, i.e. such that the Killing of the horizon is hypersurface orthogonal. The result involves a bulk condition on the Ricci curvature, which is automatically satisfied for $\Lambda$-vacuum spacetimes, and a boundary condition on the data at the bifurcation surface. The problem is solved in arbitrary dimension, and requires a different treatment in the region where the Killing is timelike (the exterior of the horizon) or spacelike (inside the horizon). This is joint work with Piotr. T. Chrusciel.