Spectral Theory and Mathematical Relativity

A thematic programme at ESI

June 5, 2023 — July 28, 2023


Non-regular Spacetime Geometry

A workshop at ESI

March 13, 2023 — March 24, 2023


Quantum physicist Philip Walther and gravitational physicist Piotr Chruściel have been awarded a prestigious grant


We are very happy that David Fajman joined our group as a tenured member of the Faculty.


New Focus Issue of Classical and Quantum Gravity

A new Focus Issue of Classical and Quantum Gravity entitled „Mathematics of gravitation in the non-vacuum regime“ is edited by our group member David...


Einsteins Feldgleichungen allein genügen, um die Homogenität des Universums zu erklären – zumindest für eine bestimmte Klasse von Modellen

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