Geometry of Black Holes


Piotr T. Chruściel

International Series of Monographs on Physics

  • A broad, up to date presentation of all mathematical aspects of the geometry of black hole spacetimes
  • Detailed analysis of the geometry of several key black hole metrics
  • A thorough introduction to the key facts and notions needed for a mathematical treatment of the problem of classification of stationary black holes

Black holes present one of the most fascinating predictions of Einstein's general theory of relativity. There is strong evidence of their existence through observation of active galactic nuclei, including the centre of our galaxy, observations of gravitational waves, and others.

There exists a large scientific literature on black holes, including many excellent textbooks at various levels. However, most of these steer clear from the mathematical niceties needed to make the theory of black holes a mathematical theory. Those which maintain a high mathematical standard are either focused on specific topics, or skip many details. The objective of this book is to fill this gap and present a detailed, mathematically oriented, extended introduction to the subject.

The book provides a wide background to the current research on all mathematical aspects of the geometry of black hole spacetimes.